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Why hello again. We love branding. We love creating, innovation and getting your brand just perfect.
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Capitalizing on the uniqueness and distinct advantages of your organization, we exploit and communicate these advantages effectively to your audience. If your brand’s unique and distinct advantage is illusive, we will direct and guide you through the process to systematically identify and launch the best and most compelling attributes.



Branding work

Your brand tells the story and identifies your organization. A clear brand strategy is critical to growth and success. Your customers need to recognize your brand as soon as they see your logo. Since your logo defines your organization, make sure it is clear, resembles and defines your message. C12 Concepts is a company which knows and understands the value of a good brand.




Your identity ties back to your brand, and your identity goes beyond your brand.  Your idendity is what your organization stands for.  


Are you connected with a cause or non-profit?  Are you ginving back to your community?  These are just a few ways to grow your identity.  Call c12 Concepts to review additional opportunities.  



Flip Book

A flip book is a very unique marketing tool whihc can add visial exposure of your marketing brochure.  Adding videos and URLs extends your product or service allowing your audience to have your marketing materials with them at all times on their mobile device.  It also allows for easy updates and changes with little costs.  

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