Exceptional planning


Exceptional results


No matter what your marketing cycle, market vertical or industry, marketing is critical to your customers finding you, trusting you and wanting to do business with you. 

Our belief for a well rounded concept


With a well rounded and well executed plan, your success is paramount. the three critical areas include: 

  • Be real 

  • Be unique 

  • Be found 

So how do you do this - let c12 Concepts define and execute these principals for you. 

Social Media has changed the game​


Marketing has evolved quickly over the past few years and social media has had the biggest impact on marketing.  A solid plan must include social media for internally marketing your company and the external marketing. Key drivers include: 

  • Employees

  • Customers 

  • Vendors 

  • Prospects 

  • Organizations & Associations 

Engagement is key and must be done everywhere.

Holistic Marketing


Made up of four functions, integrated marketing touches all aspects: 

  • Integrated Marketing 

  • Internal Marketing 

  • Relationship Marketing 

  • Performance Marketing 

None is more important that the other, but may demand a priority depending on your business.