Marketing comes in many forms for many purposes. Traditional and Non-Traditional Marketing functions are used to promote and drive business.  Various marketing functions yield various results.


c12 Concepts is a marketing firm with experience and resources to deliver successful results yielding high ROI.  

Marketing Strategy


A solid strategic marketing plan is key to your success - it is like a roadmap for your business.  If you don't have a map, you will not know where you are going and how you will get there. 

With a roadmap, a business saves money in the long run and has a more comprehensive marketing strategy, versus a marketing plan with inconsistent and non congruent marketing pieces.  


Public Relations, Press Releases, Events, Media Communications and other forms of communications which will gain exposure for your company or organization.  With the onset of technology platforms, these medias can easily be combined with other marketing forms and social media creating a more cohesive execution.  


Press Releases are an effective and inexpensive way to get your message out. And tied to social media promotes your brand and sets you apart from your competitors. 

Non-Traditional Marketing

Non-traditional marketing has taken on many forms in the past years as technology and various platforms have evolved.  Businesses must evolve and adapt utilizing these tools to drive business, interact with prospects and customers, and assure future growth. 


Some of the forms of non-traditional marketing include social media, video, digital content, and events,.  Most of all, businesses must commit to the marketing methodologies knowing that these will be in our cyber-world forever.   

Social Media

Social Media is a median that allows you to get your message out.  There are many social media options and we will help with the selection and frequency to maximize exposure.  


c12 Concepts utilizes social media platforms and metric tools to put your business in front of your prospects and clients, and measure your results.  Eyeballs, shares, likes and tweets, and a call to action translate to revenue - let us help you get in front of more eyeballs.